Data Crucial to Obtaining Supports for Business – Chambers Ireland Launches Latest COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

Data Crucial to Obtaining Supports for Business – Chambers Ireland Launches Latest COVID-19 Business Impact Survey

Chambers Ireland is today (27 May) launching our latest Covid-19 business impact survey.

The target of this survey are the business owners and operators around the country, both those whose businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 crisis, and those whose businesses have not.

With Phase 1 of the reopening of our economy underway, we are seeking to understand the struggles that businesses are experiencing, including those that are reopening, those that have remained closed, and those that have managed to continue through the restrictions.

The survey will close at noon on Monday, 1 June and seeks feedback on revenue, employment issues, and the Government’s policy agenda.

Speaking earlier today Chambers Ireland’s Chief Executive, Ian Talbot, said,

“This series of surveys have been incredibly useful in shaping our engagement with government on a variety of policy issues.

Hard data significantly strengthens our hand when we are advocating on behalf of the business community; we have been able to highlight the divergences between different sectors of the economy and also different regions of the country.

We are hugely grateful to the member companies of the Chamber network for the time that they have spent participating in these surveys, and hope that our successes in obtaining and advocating for supports such as the business restart grants, the commercial rates holiday, and the Wage Subsidy Scheme, go some way towards assisting business continuity in these difficult economic times.

These schemes are not perfect, and we are continuing to work with members of all political parties to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the circumstances that businesses face throughout the cities and regions of Ireland.

While hopefully the worst parts of this pandemic are behind us, the most challenging time for the business community lies ahead of us, as we try to navigate the challenges of the low-touch economy.

We urge every business owner or operator to engage with our survey, it will be the best ten-minute investment of your day.”

Gerry Luskin President of Ballina Chamber states;

“Ballina Chamber and the Chambers network around the country including the Mayo Chambers network, have been conducting a series of surveys over the last eight weeks to understand how the Covid-19 crisis has been affecting our businesses. This crucial data from both surveys have been instrumental in redirecting Government policies to the areas that will be have a big impact in keeping our businesses going in these difficult times. Additionally they have given strategic support to our Local Authorities in recommending what is best for business rates and business supportsm training and mentoring”.

Following on from that, Mayo Chambers and Chambers Ireland have launched its 3rd Survey to identify the different needs of sectors and specific supports are required.

Mags Downey Martin, Manager Ballina Chamber of Commerce adds;

“We need your support again with this latest survey – without this data the Government are flying blind through this crisis. As the economy begins to emmerge from hibernation, the different needs of sectors will become even more apparent, with clarity and action needed most.

This survey, will focus on how businesses are doing (who is open, who is re-opening, and who is not), issues around employees, and the experiences with government policies that have been introduced already.”

The survey will close at noon on Monday, 1 June and takes less than ten minurtes to complete:

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