Empowering Mayo Businesses to Recover

Empowering Mayo Businesses to Recover

During this extraordinary time in business, Ballina Chamber of Commerce want to support and empower you with the skills, knowledge and expertise in activating your business now as well as preparing you for a post lockdown return to operation.

We have brought together three experts in their field and through a series of six workshops, we aim to share knowledge, highlight what you can be doing now for your business, in preparation for when you can open your doors to your customers.

The Customer Experience

Melissa Moore, The Retail Advisor,

Thursday 18th March 11am

In an increasingly competitive marketplace where the consumer has more choice than ever, companies must find ways to differentiate their business from their competitors. Great service is vital for all businesses as it impacts directly on the sales and profitability of the organisation. The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the necessary skills and attitudes necessary to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Workshop Content:

  • Your ideal customer, how they have changed and the impact on your business.
  • The entire customer journey, making the experience easy and exciting both in-person and online.
  • Making your business stand out from the crowd.

Lasting Customer Relationships

Melissa Moore, The Retail Advisor,

Thursday 25th March 11am

One of the most challenging parts of running a business can be managing customer expectations and tricky situations. In order to maintain a good relationship and retain loyal customers, businesses need to be able to proactively manage, reduce and resolve customer issues. The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the necessary skills and attitudes necessary to build lasting customer relationships.

Workshop Content:

  • Positive Communication.
  • Managing customer complaints effectively.
  • Handling a difficult situation in a confident manner.
  • Retaining customers for the future.

Selling Successfully

Melissa Moore, The Retail Advisor,

Thursday 15th April 11am

Delivering sales whilst maintaining exceptional levels of service is a balance that all businesses must strive for in this competitive marketplace. The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with the necessary skills to develop their selling skills and increase their rate of success.

Workshop Content:

  • Developing a sales process to suit your business.
  • Improving selling skills whilst engaging customers.
  • Adding value.
  • Top tips for increasing sales.

Online Customer Journey

Barbara O’Flaherty, Let’s Get Digital

April 13th & 20th at 11 am (two-day workshop)

Looking to Increase your Online Revenue?

We are experiencing a period of acceleration in digital transformation, as businesses were forced to speed up the adoption of digital technology and sell their products or service online. You will be brought through the new online customer journey we look at how to grow and retain your website customers.

Workshop Content:

  • Look at how customer demands, and behaviour has changed online.
  • Look at the customer journey starting with awareness and advertising bringing you right through to post purchase.
  • Look at how to segment your target audience.
  • Show you examples of how to implement your strategy.

Transform how you connect and engage with your customers and get results.

Tourism – it’s everyone’s business!

Anne Marie Flynn, Mayo North Tourism,

Thursday April 22nd

Tourism plays a key role in our local economy, but how confident do you and your staff feel talking to tourists in your business?

Do you have the information to hand to share with them on things to do and see in the area?

By the end of this workshop you should feel much more confident in talking about tourism locally, might be confident enough to participate more in the local tourism development process, and will not feel caught on the hop when a visitor asks a question.

This workshop is designed for anyone who’s likely to meet a tourist. So staff from retail, hospitality, hair and beauty, taxi drivers and more are all very welcome!

Workshop content:

  • The importance of tourism to all businesses and why we are working to develop it
  • What tourists are looking for in 2021
  • Things to see and do locally, and how to cross-promote
  • The importance of local knowledge
  • Mayo North’s role in tourism development
  • How you can participate in developing Ballina and Mayo as a tourism destination

Calendar of Events

The Six One Hour session workshops commence

March 18th – The Customer Experience -Melissa Moore

March 25th – Lasting Customer Relationships- Melissa Moore

April 13th Online Customer Journey (part 1)- Barbara O’Flaherty

April 15th – Selling Successfully- Melissa Moore

April 20th Online Customer Journey (part 2)- Barbara O’Flaherty

April 22nd Tourism – it’s everyone’s business!- Anne Marie Flynn

Each workshop commences at 11am and last 1 hour.

(Time may change depending on lockdown status)

Participants will be encouraged to participate and ask questions to get real value out of each workshop.

Via the Zoom platform, link will be forwarded prior to the event.

€5 per workshop

€20 for Six Workshops

Presented by Ballina Chamber of Commerce Advancing Business Together

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