Castlebar and Ballina named best towns for work-life balance in Ireland

Castlebar and Ballina named best towns for work-life balance in Ireland

Castlebar is the best town for work-life balance in Ireland., while Ballina is the second-best town, Co Mayo.

Castlebar and Ballina beat 48 other towns in’s new Work-life balance index – which lists the best places for the perfect work-life balance.

The study compared things like broadband speeds, mobile coverage, and access to local amenities like primary schools, GP surgeries, and major supermarkets.

It also looked at factors important for well-being, like green spaces, leisure facilities and cafes, house prices, commuting and crime rate.

  • Castlebar has been named as the best place in Ireland for the perfect work-life balance.
  • With affordable housing, a low crime rate, and easy access to schools and health services Castlebar was found to be a great place to balance work and family life.
  • Ballina is the second best town for work-life balance in Ireland. Affordable housing, good local amenities, and accessible services set in such a lovely location make Ballina the perfect town for work-life balance.
  • Castlebar, Ballina, Longford, Wexford and Arklow are the top 5 towns overall

Factors we researched

Alongside house prices and crime rate, our research compared what’s on offer in each town.

The Work-Life Balance Index includes:

  • broadband speeds and 5G mobile coverage
  • sports facilities and leisure centres nearby
  • cafes and coffee shops nearby
  • major supermarkets nearby
  • green spaces such as national and public parks and gardens
  • primary schools and GP surgeries
  • proximity to major roads and bus stop

Work-Life Balance Index 2024

Commercial Director of,  Eoin Clarke says: 

“Once the Code of Practice is in place to support the Work-Life Balance Act 2023, many employees will have the right to request remote and flexible working arrangements. It means that hard-working Irish residents, many with families or carer responsibilities, should benefit from a better quality of life and a financial boost. 

Property price is often a crucial factor when housebuying, but broadband and mobile coverage, easy access to local amenities and plentiful green spaces can make all the difference when juggling family commitments, home life and work. 

The good news is all the top towns in our study have lots to offer. Whether working remotely or commuting, there’s a good choice of affordable, well-served towns to raise a family or simply enjoy life. Hotspots range from places on the windswept west coast to the satellite towns of Dublin, with areas to suit every budget.

So, if you’re planning to buy your first home or hunting for your next, don’t just consider affordability – choose somewhere that makes you happy and strikes the perfect work-life balance, too.”

Best places to live and work with a family

Ballina has taken the top spot for the best place to live and work with a family. Not only does it offer affordable housing, but it’s also a safe place to live and has great access to health services and primary schools.

Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Ballina with Danny Roache, Ben and Darren Beattie . Picture: John O’Grady.
Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Ballina with Centre Stage Vocal Academy. Picture: John O’Grady.
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